HiFive Church Group Responsibility Matrix





Conduct FREE Initial Consultation
Single point of contact for all design, architectural and construction responsibilities      
Integrate with and become part of your church's culture      
Take the time to understand the ministry vision of church leadership  
Take the time to understand the programmatic needs of ministry leaders and staff  
Evaluate and align property capacity with vision and needs    
Provide Capital Campaign Consulting    
Provide concepts and graphic design services for your Capital Campaign  
Shepherd you through the lending process and assist with construction financing    
Align Vision and Ministry Needs within Master Plan    
Analyze GIS data of subject property    
Analyze Infrastructure Requirements, including all utilities  
Property Search and Acquistion      
Preliminary Zoning Research    
Zoning Application and Representation    
Create Existing Space Utilization Plan    
Prepare Preliminary Master Plan Documents    
Determine Appropriate Phasing of Master Plan    
Perform Financial Analysis and Initial Funding Review    
Prepare Site Plan, Floor Plans and Elevations    
Prepare 3-D Concept Models    
Prepare Accurate Preliminary Budget
Maintain full supervision and project management throughout entire project    
Reputation for minimal change orders
Reputation for consistent, on-time and on-budget projects    

* HiFive will never charge for the initial consultation. We're not sure about everyone else.
† Not sure. Some do. Many don't.