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“We Explode Churches”

A little while back, a building team from a mid-size church visited the HiFive office. I asked the Senior Pastor why it was so important to travel that distance to work with HiFive…surely there were other church specialists in his area that could design and construct his new campus. “I’ve done my homework”, he said, “and you guys know how to explode churches!” I have to admit, I’d never quite thought about it that way before.

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Financing Your Ministry Expansion Project

Even in the current market conditions, there are still financing opportunities for those willing to move forward with an appropriate ministry expansion project.

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HiFive CEO Appears on Magazine Cover

In the Fall of 2011, HiFive CEO, Mark Davis, was chosen to grace the cover as a Business Owner in Cincinnati Christian University Fall 514 magazine.

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HiFive Provides Generous Donation to AIA

For HiFive, giving back to the community is one of the founding principles of the company. “I’m excited to work with Athletes In Action,” says Mark Davis, CEO of HiFive. “They are helping people live better lives – making a true impact.” HiFive’s corporate goal is to give half their net revenue back to the community each year. Through the recent recession, at a time when most companies were cutting back or eliminating their charitable efforts, HiFive actually increased their charitable contributions and surpassed their yearly goal.

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HiFive Building Projects in the News

WCPO recently aired a news story regarding some of the thriving churches in the Cincinnati area. Several of the churches mentioned have been built by HiFive Development Services.

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