The HiFive Difference

A Full-Service Design & Construction Firm


Award-Winning Design
Our success building award-winning projects and providing superior customer service has made HiFive the Midwest’s premier hotel and church contractor. We also specialize in assisted living facility construction, as well as construction for retail, industrial, and special use markets.

Let Our Referrals Do the Talking
In our nearly 20 years of designing and constructing quality buildings for our clients, we are proud to say that every one of our clients is a referral for us. Feel free to contact any one of them.

Quality Estimates = Quality Projects
Our approach to total project quality starts at the very beginning: the initial estimate. You’ve entrusted us with building your dream, and our goal is to accurately estimate your project in order to eliminate unwanted surprises inherent with most building processes.


Design-Build Value
Because HiFive is both a designer and builder, the cost of our architectural services is significantly below market rates. Other architects are separate from the construction process and their design is often incongruent with the actual cost to build it. HiFive’s integrated design-build process avoids that very costly misstep. Our full service capabilities make us a leader among Ohio construction companies, throughout the Midwest and beyond.

Consistent Reputation for Minimal Change Orders
Unfortunately, too many builders low-ball the original estimate and then file numerous change orders, adding significant cost along the way. HiFive is proud of their record of less than 1.5% average change orders, maximizing client savings.

Experience = Fewer Problems
HiFive’s vast experience managing construction projects ensures fewer problems will delay your project or cost you money.


Single Point of Contact for All Responsibilities
Other contractors often work with a separate architect, while HiFive offers architects and contractors under the same roof – which means a single point of responsibility for you, saving you both money and headaches.

Analyzation of Infrastructure Requirements
Lack of early research into utilities and site and building infrastructure are a leading cause of change orders. We go to great lengths to eliminate these.

Consistency of On-time and On-budget Projects
We cherish and embrace the intricate, labor-intensive aspects of design-build projects, while practicing constant vigilance in managing budgets.