The GREEN Advantage

The GREEN Advantage

What can building green do for you?

We’ve all heard the term “Green Building” by now, but what you may not know is that building green not only helps save the environment, but can also save you money. HiFive has developed ways of using Green Building to reduce life-cycle operating costs, save you money with Federal tax credits, and earn additional funding opportunities and increased loan amounts. We call it the “Green” Advantage.

The opportunity is waiting for you. Here’s how to use HiFive’s GREEN Advantage to your advantage:
• Make sure you have a green professional on your team. HiFive’s GREEN team will identify your best energy options early in the design process—what it costs, what it saves, and what’s the payback for you.
• Look at increasing your opportunities for project funding. Utilizing the SBA 504(c) Loan Program, which recognizes Green Building efforts, will provide you with more favorable loan amounts and opportunities.
• Save on taxes. There are Local, State and Federal tax credits and rebates available for using Green Building techniques. HiFive can find them, saving you even more on building costs.

HiFive delivered the Green Advantage on a recent project in which the owners sought to decrease energy use and costs by more than 10%. A heat recovery system will be incorporated using energy recovery wheels. Solar powered hot water will supplement existing energy systems, and an energy management system will be used in all guest rooms. This system led to increased bank project funding, tax credits and rebates, and will decrease life-cycle energy costs.