Ari Hetra – Virginia

Industrial & Specialty Use, Office
About This Project

This 56,000sf office and manufacturing facility in Manassas, Virginia, was designed and built by HiFive. The building, used as the corporate headquarters for Automotive Resources, Inc., manufacturer of heavy-duty transportation, lifting, maintenance equipment and exhaust systems, includes high-end design finishes and offices as well as manufacturing facilities on location.

A showroom on the first floor showcases several priceless pre-war era automobiles. The design of the facility uses the office portion to screen the view of the more utilitarian warehouse space, and incorporates cost-efficient materials in a fashion that belies their price.

Designed and built by HiFive, this 50,000sf manufacturing facility in Mason, Ohio, builds automotive lifting components. Constructed of “tilt-wall” concrete, the project incorporates state-of-the-art design and construction, and includes offices, paint booths, welding stations, and assembly areas.