Hampton Inn – Troy, OH

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About This Project

HiFive was proud to be able to work with the team at the Hampton Inn in Troy, Ohio. In a thriving area, the hotel was in need of an addition of an entire wing of rooms, plus interior and exterior renovation of most of the hotel, as it was starting to show its age. The hotel now looks brand new on the inside and out and the owners and employees couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

The most interesting part of this project was that HiFive was able to complete the renovation of almost the entire hotel WITHOUT the hotel having to close its doors for even a single day. By planning appropriately and working in stages, the hotel was able to stay open while the new addition was being built, even while the lobby, pool, dining area and fitness center were being renovated. This allowed the hotel to continue to bring in revenue the entire time. Now that the renovations and additions have been completed, the owners are seeing a tremendous increase in RevPAR and guest satisfaction.

“HiFive made it possible for our property to remain open during our recent renovation and addition, allowing us to continue generating revenue. The hotel looks and feels brand new, inside and out. Since completion, we have seen a tremendous increase in both RevPAR and guest satisfaction. We highly recommend HiFive for any hotel construction project.”
— Jay & Shila Patel, Hampton Inn, Troy OH