Athletes In Action Thanks HiFive

Athletes In Action Thanks HiFive


Mark Householder, president of AIA, writes a letter thanking HiFive 

October 13, 2011

Dear Mark, Brian, and Friends at HiFive, Thank you for your generous contribution to Athletes in Action. Your investment and partnership with us is instrumental in developing a Christ follower on every team, in every sport and in every nation.

Thanks to your prayers and support, this has shaped up to be a tremendous summer! Athletes in Action not only sent 31 sports teams into 19 countries, but we also welcomed 32,000 guests to our World Training and Resource Center in Xenia, Ohio. In September, we had chaplains serving at the All-Africa games in Mozambique, Rugby World Championships in New Zealand, and at the Track and Field World Championships in Korea. Several of the stories of changed lives from these trips can be found on our website under the news and the team blog sections. Hopefully you enjoyed our latest issue of the Highlight Reel that captured some of God’s fruitfulness.

Our National Leadership Council just presented the 10 priority countries and 40 college campuses where.Athletes in Action hopes to expand our ministry over the next two years. We are very excited for this incredible opportunity to build spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sport.

I want to share a recent story of how AlA is reaching out to students in Chicago, Illinois:

Kristin Scharkey, found a new community at Northwestern University in the form of Athletes in Action not long into her freshman year. Out of her comfort zone, but trusting what God wanted to do through her, she began a Bible study for her softball teammates. Kristin said Athletes in Action has helped her integrote her faith into her sport, which for many athletes can be a struggle as the sports world consumes much time and thought. “I feel like God gave me this talent to play softball. I see that as a gift, and the time I’m on the field or in practice is a time to glorify the Lord with the gifts He gave me,” she says. “For me, it’s been a journey of trusting the Lord and knowing that I find my identity in Christ and not in softball.” The most exciting thing for Kristin, however, is seeing other athletes come to a relationship with Christ and be tronsformed.

Your partnership is changing lives at home and around the world!

Mark Householder