HiFive Architect Mentors Students in Design LAB

Students learning

HiFive Architect Mentors Students in Design LAB

Design LAB: Learn and Build is a free educational program that brings local professionals and students together in a hands-on learning experience.

Blake Helms, one of HiFive’s very own architects, served as a mentor in this year’s program. In this year’s Design LAB, children K-12 were challenged to design and create a three-dimensional model of a play spaces. Students were also required to describe their thought process and provide concept images, planning, etc.

Blake’s role as a mentor was to guide each group of students through the creative process and address real-word problems relating to architecture, encouraging students to think critically and work together with their peers. One of the project requirements for each student group was incorporating an element of sustainability. As a LEED certified architect, Blake was able to offer valuable advice sustainable building elements, like solar panels.

After his classroom visit, the children Blake worked with sent handwritten letters thanking him for his guidance and insight. Here are some of the kind things the students had to say:

“Your mentoring has made a HUGE impact on our project.” – Student

“It was  important that you worked with us because it was nice to have real world experience.” – Student

“You are the one who made me want to be an architect.” – Student

The HiFive team is always a big supporter of getting involved in the community, and we love that Blake is actively making a difference in the community and the lives of these students!

If you’d like to learn more about Design LAB, please click here.