HiFive Goes 3D

HiFive Goes 3D

A 3D rendering of your project can be an important tool as you plan your capital campaign.

Before the first brick is down on your next Church building project, 3D renderings can help build excitement. They create lasting images your congregation will share, and create positive buzz throughout the capital campaign. A 3D (three-dimensional) rendering uses twodimensional drawings and architectural plans to create a 3D representation of the finished project. The 3D renderings incorporate photorealistic effects such as lighting, textures, and architectural and landscape details. They can generate almost any building material while offering true-to-life images.

Realistic colors for the interior and exterior, as well as furnishings and design elements, can be previewed using 3D renderings, letting your audience easily visualize the project. You can better market and promote your building
scheme, and take some of the guesswork and speculation out of the process.“Nothing excites a congregation more than seeing their new building,” says Blake Helms, Senior Designer at HiFive. The 3D renderings will be an important tool throughout the building process.

For example:
• Use 3D renderings and digital videos to create lasting images telling the story of your project during the capital campaign;
• Incorporate 3D renderings to preview exciting changes in your church newsletter;
• Compare construction photos and 2D renderings to the finished 3D renderings to show project progress in a “Construction Update” newsletter;
• Add a memorable and exciting 3D rendering to your capital campaign letterhead.

HiFive is excited to provide 3D renderings of a project for our clients, a service many design and construction firms don’t offer. “It’s fun seeing a client’s jaw drop when they see what their space will look like,” Helms says.