HiFive to Complete Little Miami Scoreboard

HiFive to Complete Little Miami Scoreboard

Thanks to a generous donation from a Little Miami parent and his business, the scoreboard at Little Miami High School’s football stadium will be getting a facelift.

The back of the scoreboard presents an unfinished façade to visitors arriving at Little Miami’s HiFive Stadium, and local businessman Mark Davis wanted to do something about it.

“The back of the scoreboard is uncovered and looks bad,” Davis said. “I had worked with the athletic boosters to raise the funds to put the scoreboard up, and I wanted to make sure we finished the job.”

Davis is chief executive officer of HiFive Development Services, the Mason firm for which the stadium is named. Davis’s firm donated the design of the scoreboard sign as well as the funds to have it constructed. HiFive also shepherded the project through a recent Hamilton Twp. zoning board of appeals meeting in order to obtain a variance for the sign to be erected.

This level of generosity is nothing new to Davis, who helped lead the effort with the Little Miami Athletic Boosters to raise funds for the scoreboard and for turf to be installed at the stadium. Davis also personally donated a large sum to the effort.

“I feel like I owe this district a lot,” Davis said. He said he has two daughters who graduated from Little Miami and have gone on to great success in college. He also has a son who is still in the district. “I love to see kids out there playing on the turf, and if this is the way I can lead by example, I hope others will do the same.”

Davis said work would most likely start on the scoreboard this summer.

Little Miami Superintendent Greg Power said he was thankful for Davis’s help on this project.

“We are grateful for HiFive’s continued support of the athletics program at Little Miami and Mark’s personal commitment to the district,” Power said. “We value his partnership and know that Panther athletes will benefit from his generosity for years to come.”