Solar Power: Illuminating the Benefits

Solar Power: Illuminating the Benefits

Solar collectors—utilizing free energy from the sun—are greatly improved and more affordable than ever. Recent innovations have made solar power an appealing option for the hospitality industry, and HiFive is your key to unlocking the benefits.

Utilities account for an average of 13.6% of hotel operating charges, by far the largest single expense for owners. The cost of energy will continue to increase. Solar power helps defray rising expenses for hotels.

The rooftop surfaces of hotels provide space for solar panels. Energy need at a hotel spikes in hot, sunny weather, at the same time solar panels generate additional energy, further defraying costs.

Investment costs were a challenge hotels faced when considering solar power. Today, new innovations and technologies are making solar technology a cost-effective solution to rising energy prices.

Cutting the Costs

As the demand for solar panel systems has risen, the competition between companies increases, technology improves, and systems on the market become more cost effective. Today, solar energy is more viable and affordable than ever before.

Maximizing energy output of solar panels improves energy savings. Newly developed microinverters, attached directly to panels, boost power output, prevent shading disruption, and reduce installation costs. Modern current converters improve power output by as much as 25%.

Improved electronics built into the solar panels further reduce installation costs. Power optimizer chips recover as much as 71% of the solar power lost with previous solar management systems. This alone increases energy harvest a minimum of 9% over the life of the system.

Reaping the Benefits

One of the largest operating costs for hotels is hot water. Solar power systems can be designed to specifically to meet your hotels needs, including supplying hot water for laundry, cleaning, showers, and pool and spa heating. In addition, they provide in-floor radiant heating, baseboard radiant heating, and forced hot-air heating.

WiFi is another innovative use of solar energy. One cost hotels face is supplying electrical power for all WiFi access points, including ones off the grid. Solar power is a cost-effective, and green, solution. Current battery technology ensures solar power for WiFi use at night and on cloudy days.

Solar power is a proven way to cut basic energy costs for a hotel. The Hotel Carlton in San Francisco installed 105 solar panels covering 1,332sf of the roof. The system will reduce electricity usage by 12%. The Hyatt Regency New Brunswick in New Jersey installed solar panels on the parking garage. The array will not only reduce carbon emissions, but oil dependance by at least 749 barrels annually. The Solar Valley hotel in Dezhou City, China, generates 70% of its energy requirements from solar panels that cover its facade.

Get Started Saving Now

Rebates and tax credits are available to help defray the cost of solar power, meaning your investment will quickly start making money. A solar investment tax credit substantially reduces the capital needed for a solar power
project. HiFive understands the latest financing and technology options related to solar power. Contact us to learn more about how solar power can benefit your business.