The Five Keys to Unlocking Financing

The Five Keys to Unlocking Financing

HiFive’s proven method helps our clients secure financing for their hotel projects.

You have a plan for a new hotel. Following your vision, you’ve secured the site and studied the market. Now you’re faced with finding financing. Many of our clients have faced this situation in the past. HiFive has
in-house resources to help you secure funding. We call it our Five Keys to Unlocking Financing:

1) Do Your Homework!
Lenders want market data that demonstrates why your location, franchise, and operations will be successful in the competitive marketplace. Working with you, HiFive conducts an internal Proof of Performance Analysis of your project using the REVPAR of comparable hotels, as well as our own historical data, to give you proof and hard data the lenders want to see.

2) Great Design!
Lenders invest in hotels with great design. Truly demonstrating an efficient site layout, proper room mix, and appropriate facade shows you understand the market and your customers, and gives you credibility. HiFive has won awards for our hotel design, and as part of your team, we ensure an excellent design is part of your financing package.

3) Know Your Costs!
Lenders want to see a firm, detailed budget for your project before they invest. They want to know where the money is going. With HiFive’s in-house design team and preconstruction experts working together to develop your budget, Lenders have confidence that your project will meet both price and performance.

4) Go GREEN!
When you incorporate the GREEN Advantage in your hotel, Lenders and the SBA recognize the long-term commitment and benefit of reduced energy costs, leading to more funding opportunities. You win with tax credits and reduced life-cycle energy costs. Plus, it makes a great marketing tool for your hotel!

5) Make your Project Manual a Showcase!
Lenders want to see that you’ve done your project due diligence, and a complete Project Manual will not only prove that, but show your hotel will perform. With a professional Project Manual and a proven team to support you, your project will move to the top of the list and you’ll soon have your funding.

HiFive understands the lending market and the challenges our customers face. We have lending experts on staff to assist with the process, helping create the financing package that gets you noticed. As a full service design/build firm with a wealth of experience in hotels, our internal Performance and Sensitivity Analysis delivers hard performance data the lenders want. We’ll start design early, offering great design and Value Engineering options that give you an advantage. We’ll build a team of lending, design, and construction professionals who become your advocates during funding. Our staff of LEED Certified professionals open financing opportunities using HiFive’s GREEN Advantage. HiFive has the proven resources “all under one roof” to get your next project started. As one owner said, “Some talk about it; HiFive gets it done!”

In today’s lending environment, you can’t do it alone. You need a significantly higher level of due diligence, great design, detailed drawings, GREEN technologies, cost estimation and Lender relationships in place. Project funding is out there, and HiFive has the resources, contacts, and methods available to help you secure it.