Are You Ready for the ADA Changes?

Are You Ready for the ADA Changes?

To ensure compliance, hotels with conference and presentation rooms should look at the ADA regulations for theaters to ensure equal access to all patrons. This means guests should have access and information regarding available auxiliary aids such as captioning. Employees should be trained in the use of auxiliary aids. If you use an outside vendor for audio/visual service, make sure the contract specifies responsibility for supplying auxiliary aids.

Also be aware that not all of the new regulations are protected under the Safe Harbor provision, and policies which currently meet ADA regulations may not be in compliance once the new standard goes into effect. Hotels should review all their policies to ensure compliance.

Benefit to Starting Early

The 2010 ADA regulations are specialized and complex. Consult with an expert to ensure compliance. Be aware there are new regulations, including rules for hotel booking, not covered under the “Safe Harbor” rules. You should start work now to meet these new standards. Look at the cost and benefit of upgrading to the new standards during your review, because any future changes or alterations will need to meet the new standards.

Regardless of your construction or renovation plans in the future, the 2010 ADA Standards will affect your business. There are significant penalties for non-compliance. As always, consult with a HiFive expert if you have any questions. We’re happy to help as best we can.

Changes to Crib Standards

The federal government recently announced a ban on drop-side cribs and updated the crib standards. Hotels have a two-year window to replace their current cribs with compliant models. Crib suppliers are currently engineering compliant cribs, and hope to have the new models available this year. Hotels should immediately begin replacing old cribs with the new models to lock in prices. As you replace old cribs, ask for certificates of compliance to ensure you are meeting the new regulations.