CityLink Center Vision Aided by HiFive Planners

CityLink Center Vision Aided by HiFive Planners

HiFive helps transform a community vision into reality

The vision of bringing together 5 Cincinnati-area non-profit organizations and local churches into a single best-in-class facility known as the CityLink Center, is now taking shape with the help of designers and planners at HiFive Development Services.

Planned on a 5+ acre property at Bank St., CityLink will be located in the heart of Cincinnati’s urban center. The purpose of the facility will be to build infrastructure and integrate services in a way that provides holistic relief, relationship and real life change to the people who need it most in the community. This project is being led by Crossroads Community Church and the OneCity Foundation, a non-profit organization whose stated mission is “To multiply the impact of the Church so people in Cincinnati experience the radical, life-changing love of Christ.”

“HiFive is has been working with us for over 6 years now on this project”, states OneCity’s president Mark Stecher. “At every phase of the development process, HiFive has been unbelievably helpful and unbelievably generous.” The design-build firm based in Mason, OH has donated a significant amount of planning and design services to the CityLink project and continues to develop the $12 million project under OneCity’s direction.