CityLink Center Celebrates Grand Opening

CityLink Center Celebrates Grand Opening

CityLink Center Grand Opening Concludes Long Path of Building a True Landmark Project for Cincinnati.

For HiFive Development Services, Crossroads Church, OneCity Foundation, and all of the other entities involved with the inception and development CityLink Center, the project has truly been a labor of love.

Initial discussions regarding CityLink began in 2006, and the plans were met with a bevy of bumps in the road along the way.

Mark Stecher, President of the OneCity Foundation — one of the organizations pioneering the project — said of HiFive, “in every phase of (CityLink’s) development, the talented HiFive team has been unbelievably helpful, unbelievably generous. Their expertise has really made a difference in our project.”

The complex integrates a wide variety of service providers that will offer all programs needed at one location. Those services include: employment assistance, mentoring, financial and legal services, spiritual support, education, housing assistance, childcare, as well as health and wellness programs. With over 80,000 square feet of smart and inviting space, CityLink Center is the largest and most comprehensive facility of its kind in the country.

Previously spread across the Cincinnati area, providers such as Cincinnati Works, Cincinnati Public Schools, Cincinnati State, Changing Gears, Smart Money Financial Services, and others will be housed under a single roof in a friendly, holistic environment.

For all parties involved in this important and rewarding endeavor, the final goal was worth the time, effort and toils along the way. Johnmark Oudersluys, CityLink’s Executive Director remarked, “I appreciate HiFive’s patience and perseverance. Lives will be changed, people will grow in their relationship with God, and our community will be strengthened. Thank you for your unwavering commitment and dedication to the project. The facility is amazing and making an immediate impact on clients as they walk through the door.”

As the architect and builder of the project, HiFive has received much praise for the work done with CityLink. Totaling eight years of planning, design, development and construction, CityLink was completed in the Fall of 2012.