Flying High with HiFive

Flying High with HiFive

There may be nothing more exciting for business owners than seeing their new construction project taking shape. One of the best ways for our clients to see a comprehensive view of their construction progress is from the sky. HiFive took to the skies last month to get bird’s-eye images for several current construction projects.

In West Chester, things are moving forward at a rapid pace for the Centre Park Holiday Inn Event & Banquet Center. You can clearly see all major areas of the property, including the wedding chapel on the far end.

In Columbus, the Fairfield Inn & Suites is nearing completion. The project utilizes trend-setting construction techniques like Zip-Wall sheathing to increase efficiency, saving both time and money for the developer. A hotel that opens sooner can start profiting sooner.

In Dayton, HiFive’s forward-thinking architectural designs at the Christian Life Center are really taking shape.

In nearby Xenia, 4 Paws for Ability is anxiously awaiting the completion of their major addition and renovations. This new space will allow 4 Paws to provide more service dogs to more needy families around the world.

HiFive is proud to be a part of all of these great projects. Each project is on target to be delivered on-time and on-budget.