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Making the SBA 504 Loan Work For You

HR 5297, The Small Business Lending Bill, was signed into law by President Obama on September 27th. The bill changes the SBA 504 Loan, making it an even more attractive option for banks and borrowers.Put simply, the SB 504 Loan is the best financing option available for hotels today.

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Engineering Value

In today’s tight economy, you need to find ways to stretch your design and construction dollars. If you haven’t taken a close look at value engineering, also known as value analysis, you may be leaving money on the table with every project. The goal of value engineering is to improve “value” through an examination of a product’s function. The focus isn’t on just saving money, but looking at both long and short-term value.

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The Five Keys to Unlocking Financing

You have a plan for a new hotel. Following your vision, you’ve secured the site and studied the market. Now you’re faced with finding financing. Many of our clients have faced this situation in the past. HiFive has
in-house resources to help you secure funding. We call it our Five Keys to Unlocking Financing.

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